I Simply Wont Give It Up.......

Okie.. 2 years seems an awfully long wait.. But I have not made it yet into college for pg.. According to our education system its either u battle it out with the 15000 odd people for a mere100 merit seats or simply pay huge amounts and get it... I chose the former.. I gave it a shot first year with no luck and this year too i have not made it. Considering i have been spending almost 18 hours a day for the past one year studying, my folks are giving me the " what did u study for sooooo long???" looks.. I have decided I m not giving up on it. Disapproving nods is what I got from them. Feelings of failure and doubts have crept in but I have decided to face the odds.25 and not earning still is a matter of issue for them but I just don't want to forgo my ambition. I have stuck to it and I wont retreat.  If I should fight for what I want I m definitely not giving up...

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5 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Okie....coolio. =)<br />
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Well don't give up I guess, Idk what you are talking about, but still, I hope you do good.

There is a girl at work who is doing her course on the open university. It will take longer, but costs far less and she is earning at the same time. So no nasty debt afterwards. At least that is the plan. She takes time off to go to seminars etc. Its not me and my computer at all.

I know how it feels like... i had to wait for 2years too. same ****** up system. selfdoubt was eating me up but in the end I menaged to achieve my goals! my folks have already given up hopes , I think they still think I won`t make it and it hurts and makes me angry but in the end it doesn`t matter. just keep on fighting for your dream!!! you will get there

Guess what? I took the first step. I have joined this place where I can work for sometime during the day and the rest of the time I can study. So its kinda convincing to my folks too.. I m happy i did it...:):):)

Go for it, E! And if you miss out... well worry about it then.