I Refuse!!

I will not let this break me. I'll be damned if I will give up now...after I've sacrificed so much....given so much...No...I simply refuse!!!  I will keep right on searching....and one day... I will find what I'm looking for!


lonesurvivor lonesurvivor 51-55, F 8 Responses Sep 8, 2009

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Thanks for the support!!!!! I really appreciate it!!


Yes, you will. I have no doubt.

Thanks, Intruderlvr...I fully intend to!!!

Of that , I have no doubt, tocm....this is just the beginning...

My life is pretty much in the toilet right now, but it was of my own making...and I will be the one to make it better...thanks for the support!!!


Thanks, manonamission!!!!!

Hell , yeah!!!! waaver0605, we have to keep on hoping..or else what are we living for?????? Life without love is no life at all, it's merely existence...I say ..Go for it!!! Find your heart's desire!!!


Yeap... i was gonna give up hope, but realized if i quit now, the rest of my life will be unbearable. All i can do atm is get the hope back and keep on hanging on hope. Even the outcome might be the same ugly, the same lonely, the same sad, i need to hang on hope to keep pressing on.