You Are Not Taking This Place From Me!

I Love you.
I Loved you.
I was on Ep before you
I was on EP with you
And now that We are Over
I still want to be on EP!

You have no right to harass me into leaving here.
Especailly since this was my HOME
Before you
During you
and now, After you!

You came here because of ME!
You would have never even herd of it!
So No
I won't leave because of you!

Ep is my home
EP is my safe place
Ep is my place to vent and be me
EP is the only place, I feel Loved, and wanted!

I'm not letting you
or anyone else
Take that away from me!
So No, forget it, not going to ******* happen!

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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

tell 'em how it is!!!

Angel- no need to leave. There is enough room for all on EP =)

No reason why you should leave there.... EP is big enough for all of us....