What Mental Illness?

I feel it is not fair to others to not tell them I have a mental illness when they have to deal with me daily. I just wanted to help everyone understand me. But I think people are taking advantage of it, and I use it as an excuse for my behavior. Just like borderline personality disorder, when I got the diagnosis I let it become my identity almost, and in every relationship it was like a 3rd wheel, carefully plotting to ruin everything.

I decided not to tell anybody and not talk about it, in hopes of battling it within myself. It used to be embarassing to admit my condition to others because the first thing that comes to mind is CRAZY. I dont want to be defined as crazy, though I feel very crazy at times. It helps to talk about it, and this site was a godsend for me. Just anonymous people read, learn and support what I have to say.

So now I have a secret and I am going to keep it.
tmarker86 tmarker86
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012