To say that I do not feel emotion would be to speak in error. I suspect (for how can we ever truly know) that I experience essentially the full emotional spectrum, but conveying such emotions has always presented me with a problem. I simply do not like to talk about how things make me feel, at least, not in person or in an immediate, unprepared context. People with whom I am well acquainted are an exception to this, but they are few in number. I am not entirely sure why I am like this, but it seems to be an issue of propriety. I hold myself to a (relatively speaking) rigid social standard, and I do not like to give the impression that anything I say or do is dictated by something other than the rational considerations of the intellect. This has the unfortunate repercussion of causing many people to develop a dislike for me, regarding me as frigid or (though it might be a tad too strong a word) inhuman. It is not that I feel nothing, nay, I feel a great deal, but some influence during my formative years has rendered me ill at ease in speaking of or with emotion under most circumstances. There is, perhaps, nothing to be gained by my writing this, for either you, dear reader, or me, but I do find it an interesting commentary on the dichotomy of personality that (assuming I am not alone in this) exists in this peculiar society we have woven ourselves. I will suspend judgement on this matter for the time being, but I should very much like to hear what you, my readers, think of this contrariety, or if you share it.
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Your writing is impeccable for a young man your age. I see a scholarship in your future. Many people feel emotions, but are unable to express them in person. Writing about the emotions or the event triggering the emotions provides an avenue, however. As you already know, there are extraverts and introverts and examples of individuals at the extreme of both personalities. You are probably closer to the extreme of introversion. There is certainly nothing wrong with it, and it would appear to be natural for you, but you might try to go out on a limb with people, or you may find yourself excluded from social circles, and feel rather isolated. It may interfere with your abilities to find a partner one day when you are older. Going out on a limb by deliberately exposing your emotions to others can be risky, so you will have to assess your "trust meter" to decide how you wish to proceed. Good luck to you. I did read your comment on the LGBT community and you raise valid points, to be sure. However, the proverbial horse has been let out of the barn, and you know how the rest of that expression goes. I am 64 years old. I have seen many societal changes; many good, some bad. I believe that Western civilization in going through a steady decline. I do not see any counterbalance in the East, because though countries like China and India may be in ascendency, economic growth does not equate with growth in civilization, and one has but to look at the abysmal conditions under which most people live in China, and under the dictatorship of the so-called communist government, as well as the squalor in economically ascending India, to realize that this entire world, really, is ripe for Malthusian catastrophe.

As you stated above dear Fitzgerald! Saying you are emotionless would be radically wrong. We all feel and express ourselves differently. It may be hard on people who care for you, so also try to be a bit more perceptive. It's just lovely to read you. Really. Best regards! Lol

You sound like you're from the 1900's

Obviously, you've been well educated

I can only think that emotions come from the heart and maybe you are more of the cerebral type. However, a genuine relationship with God and the universe should start from the heart, I believe