I Am Not Good In Or At Grammar-whatever? :0)

See, how bad I am?  I do not even know which one of this is correct--

*I am not good at grammar OR I am not good in grammar*?

My tenses are also appalling.  Subjunctive, my nightmare.  Imperfect Tense, .my foe

I consider myself a perfectionist in many ways.  When I do things, I wish to do it right, neatly, carefully, regimentedly or not at all.  But sometimes wishes do not come true

I love to read and even more so, to write.  But my grammar is very weak and my tenses, abysmal

I really do not remember how I learned the English Language.  All I knew was that I read a lot when I was young and now.

I read anything that I could find. I copied songs on the radio to read the *story*or  the lamentings. I read labels.  I read subtitles and I even read instructions

I wrote down the words that seemed foreign to me and yet describing explicitly the meaning of the sentence, phrases and then the story. My vocabulary improved. My interest in the language pursued. 

It became a challenge but again and again I had to admit defeat.  It is not easy! I made 6 attempts to learn subjunctive and Imparfait. I thought I understood then.

If I knew, then, why were I still struggling or If I had known then, why would I still be struggling?


I was hesitant to come on EP to write.  But I did anyway.  I wrote directly onto the screen.  I am one of those writers who do not plot.  I just wrote the same way I rambled on EP, haphazardly

(Close friends who knew me via email know that I write appallingly on email--and sometimes *incoherently* haha).

I proof read all my stories (I thought I did) and I read the entries.  Alamak (Singlish for Oh Dear!) .

I think I used the wrong tenses.  I hope I did not but I cannot be sure.  So I started reading the story again and made an attempt to edit it.

I paused and I pondered.  Hmmm, should I put an *ed* in this word.  Should I use past tense on this because I thought it had to be a subjunctive etc etc.

My nightmare began.  Arrgggggh again 

I decided to take my chances.  I left the story alone in the hope that a good samaritan would come along to point it out to me.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago,  a few EP friends came to my rescue after every story I presented. 

I remembered clearly an EP member, Mr Ebunbury, who discreetly told me via email that plural for *Graffiti* was *Graffiti* and not *Graffitis*.

Alamak again 

I was happy.  I learned a new word.  I should have known.  Papparazzo--papparazzi. Gelato--Gelati.

Now the spelling--double ps or single p.  One *z* or two *zs*

I diligently looked it up in the dictionary--my companion!  *The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary* Thumb Index edition.

(I will let you into a secret---they lied...It is NO SHORTER or NEW) lol. The books come in two volumes and they are HUGE


Then came another comment on another one of my stories.


I was so pleased.  I ran into the study room.  Took out the monster dictionary.  Checked the word and VOILA.. He was right.  Dangit.  Such a clever man. I muttered.  But hey, he spelled it wrongly hahaha.

I could not resist correcting HIS mistake now. 

*Evil laughter*

Indubitably is the correct spelling.  I cant remember how the other member spelled it then).

I was not insulted or ashamed. Neither was he (I hope).

Then, Lord Bcj came into the picture--he was not kind haha--when he didnt understand my stories, he told it to my *face* haha. I checked my stories and relented as I did not wish to joust with Lord Hagar Hagar

But when Lord Randy182, rode into my court--I had to quickly put my ear plugs and blinkers on haha (Im joshing with you--:0))

Then Mr Penney strolled into my court--hitting a few walls with his askewed burqa He wrote and I read.  I marvelled at his entries. His power of the English Language.  His views and his comments.  I wanted to be just like him--maybe part of him.  I like THOSE abs and I want mine to be just like his too haha,

I was happy that you all came to read my stories and felt comfortable to help me understand the grammatical errors in the stories I had made.

We learn from our mistakes and what better to learn it from a friend-- a member of EP

I thank you. 

So please feel free to correct my tenses and grammar.  It is the only way for me to learn.

This room is free for all to write your comments--let us sing the A B C Song together haha

A B C D E F G, H I J K LMNOP, Q R S T U V.........................


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Okay. I 'm wrong, therefore I lied. Please don't have them take off my head or throw me in the dungeon! ;/ LOL! Anyway, here you go:

undoubtedly - with certainty; "it's undoubtedly very beautiful" [syn: doubtless, beyond question, without doubt, beyond any doubt]

indubitably - adv : in a manner or to a degree that could not be doubted; "it was immediately and indubitably apparent that I had interrupted a scene of lovers"

Also for definitions, this is a great site:

You just type your word in the space and in a second, your definition is there. I love it. I hope you will, too.

Also, my google toolbar has a spelling check. Nothing for grammar, though.

Dear sweet Duchess, I want you to know that I was an A student in English. Through school and into some college. You see, I don't use it as I should. There are also some things I still get confused. By the way, Undoubtedly and indubitably are both spelled correctly, they just have different meanings. ;-)

Much love, my dear friend


I did not make it past 15 comments before I ran. I shall need a stiff brandy in order to restore my constitution.





i went to peep and i am back. just a little too risque for my public image.



I shall have to check.

Now you have me shaking to the very roots of my sensibilities. heeheeeheeeeee

love and peace


*quaking, thinking of that assegai*

Erm, African Chief Man, I'm afraid that wasn't a typo. If you take a look at my profile, you will see that one of my "top" experiences is something called a "**** Challenge". And I am struggling to finish writing my second pornographic novella; it is not "erotic fiction", not by a long shot. Pure ***********, no literary merits. Yikes! Sorry!

Thank you for "might"... that is much better than what I suggested.



Mr Penney, if are not careful, I might be able to solve the mystery of Mr AndrewPenney before long.

nothing wrong with "might ....." It proposes a possibility.

AP - "won't be long..... " offers it as definite or very high probabilty.

also AP, please say that it was a typo and that you most probably, meant "poem" and not "****"


love and peace


EP saddly, doesn't offer spelling/grammar checks.

It may be best to type up your experience using a word document, applying spell/grammar check, and then doing a cut& paste job to transfer to EP.


Good afternoon Your Grace.

How about:

"Chao Ah Beng, if you are not careful, it won't be long before I solve the mystery of Mr AP."

But you had better check with His Grace the Duke!

Duchess, do you play any musical instruments? In English, tenses are a bit like tranposing music (something which I am very bad at!). I have the grammar notes which I made for my student in 2007, perhaps I could dig them out and make an EP story or two out of them.

Grammar is the monkey on my back! For example, I find the plural form in French to be impossible. The other day I was writing my ****, wanted to use a French word (to be posh, lor...) and had to open my Larousse to find out how to spell the plural of "soutien-gorge" (Answer: soutiens-gorge). It's simply not intuitive! Aarrghhh!!

Have a nice day, Your Grace, and good luck with that paperwork!

Dearest Duchess, I am eating a yummy pratha (with leftover yellow dhall and cooked frozen spinach and cold yoghurt) as I read your story during a brief break from "Writer's Hell".

Just so that your readers don't get the wrong impression, "grammar" is actually one of my soft squishy weak spots. I switch off "Spell and Grammar Check" because all that automatic, "Did you really mean to use "which"? Or were you thinking of using "that"?" makes me feel dizzy and anxious.

Kepala pusing, honestly. (*In the Malay language: "The head turns right round" in the sense of not knowing which way is up or down any more).

Grammar is only grammar. We mustn't let it bully us, Your Grace. Of course, this is hard to believe when I try to speak Mandarin and people start giggling... or when the Stunt Toddler gives me that patient, diplomatic, and encouraging look which tells me that he thinks my Mandarin is weird and hilarious but he's too nice to laugh.

Duchess, your English is fantastic! The subjunctive tense still knocks me to the mat in French, Italian, and German. I get hammered by commas and apostrophes in English. My relatives who attended English public schools speak so well that it makes me feel like a jakun from the jungle.

Please keep writing so that we can learn from you!