i absolutely hate meeting new people. i get so anxious...whats weird is that i loooove being social. i love to go out and have fun. the mall, the bar, walmart (kidding)

BUT if i have to personally interact with someone i dont know very well i freak the hell out on the inside...i have no idea how to fix this...!!!

any help. i hate being this way, seeing as how my fiance has many friends that i will someday be introduced to, i need to get over this problem

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thanks for all your comments. i apriciate ti....

Well, that's something, anyway!

A box of milk duds with a friendly face!

I'm kind of like that too. I love being with groups of people and having fun, but kind of go "aaccckkk...." when I have to talk to people I don't know one on one. The only thing I can tell you is, an awkward conversation won't kill you or the other person! It may be a little uncomfortable, but so is a PAP smear, and you don't avoid that, do you? (I hope not!! they are integral to a lady's health!) And as long as the other participant is kind of normal, they should know how to make you more comfortable and carry the conversation, and if they don't.... who wants to talk to them anyhow????<br />
<br />
Ha ha ha, tearaway!!! Friending machine!!! I'll bet all I'D get from one of those is a box of Milk Duds!

Hah, Walmart sells everything, even social skills. I think I heard about a thing called a friending machine too, where you just put your money in the friending machine.. I guess you buy friends from them. Money in - Instant Friend!<br />
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If that doesn't work though... <br />
You know how people get given advice all the time? Do this, do that, don't do that... One time someone told me to relax, to just breathe. It was just a chunk of advice chucked in the pile until I thought about it and did it. Meet them, chat to them, smile at them, make eye contact, be social, do all that stuff... but just BREATHE while you do it. It'll give you more time to think, and you'll be more relaxed. but if this doesn't work for you then you haven't lost anything!<br />
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OH now I remember. It was Vending machine, not Friending machine. Hahah, so maybe no dice there!

well hopefully that doesnt happen to me!! that would be awful....i will def keep making an effort though

My best friend is like that! She craves to have social interaction but fears being rejected when meeting new people! She shut down and started to stay in all the time and developed panic attacks over the sheer issue of meeting new people! She finally went to the doc and they are helping her with this.

I think everybody faces that moment of anxiety when meeting new people, its just that normal people get over it quicker than we do. Persevere, fight the urge to run and try and find something in common with the person you're talking with.