I'm Not Good Enough For My Own Family

I feel that I'm not good enough for my family. They always expect more from me, even though I try hard each day to reach their measure, but I never could. I still remember the time when i was a kid. My family, especially my mother always criticized me about everything, my weight even though it was good enough, my grades which were one of the best, the way i look, and even my behavior. All of these things were good enough, I was just normal like every other girl, but still they just had to nag about everything. They'd die if they didn't criticize me in some way! Once my mum said that i can't do anything with my life I swear. I hated those days, I still do. They just want more and more from me, to the point of perfecness, well, I'm sorry but I'm not perfect. Sometimes I feel that I can never reach their standards, and when they criticize me I feel insecure and many times I'd cry alone, and when I'm walking I'd feel like im too ugly for anyone to stare at, even though I was never ugly. They want me to be an angel, something I'm not. They don't like me the way I am, they think that I lack lots of things, they just want to change me, but I'll never change for anyone, not even my family! I'm happy the way I am, even if I'm the way my mother described me, which I'm not. Sorry, but I'm not perfect.

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1 Response Apr 30, 2007

I know exactly how you feel. My parents are always nagging about the littlest stuff. You just gotta get straight with the Lord and you willl feel important and loved and everything you need. He died on the cross for YOU! He went through pain so you would choose him. He wants you, pretend there is a door right in front of you and He is on the other side of it just banging on it, trying to break it down and you are holding the door back..all you gotta do is let go amd give it all to him. Not just some of it, ALL of it.<br />
Hope you read this and it'll make a difference in your life, I'll be praying for ya, bud. <br />
Just so you know, God loves you like nobody else, He will always be there..all you gotta do is let go and give it all to him. He wants you, you just have to make that decision. Good Luck and God Bless ya(: