We Are On Different Levels

i love him, even though i am fully aware that i do not meet his expectations. i feel stupid around him coz he talks about things i know nothing about. he dances, i don't. he sings, i don't. i don't really believe he could ever truly be happy with me. and other little things like that, that make me feel, like i'm not good enough for him. i want to let him go, but i don't know how he feels about "us" so...
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awe thank you!

Chill mujer! You're overeacting. I felt that way too with my girlfriend. I'm cold-hearted, I can't be with her at all beacause my parents hate the guts out of her, and sometimes it feels as if I just make everything worse.<br />
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So one day I told her how I felt and she comforted me. She told me she loved me and that there was no one in this universe better than her but me.<br />
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Don't let your guy go just beacause you think you're not good enough for him. There's a 100% chance that he likes you just the way you are. <br />
Talk to him also. The start and consistency of a good relationship is comunication.<br />
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Now...good luck.<br />
I hope I could have helped you in any way.<br />
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