I have been wit my husband ever since I was 19, got married at 22. We always been arguing from the day I met him. He has bashed many many many times. N also cheated many times. Despite all that I still wanted to be with him. We been married for almost 4 yrs n I want a baby he doesn't want to give me. I feel so lonely he is never home. He never treats me right. He always abuses me nearly everyday I think he got some mental issues. I'm so stuck someone help me plz.
Singleun Singleun
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

u should leave today there may not be a tomorrow. whats the worse that can happen when u go, ur alone and abused now. if u leave u may still feel alone but u wont b abused and theres half of the problem off ur shoulders right there. u can never let anyone in life abuse u and hold u down, u have to start loving ur self more than u love these d bag little boys who only hurt u