I Feel My Husband Is A Lier And A Cheater

While dating my hubby he cheated.I forgave him and married him.10 1/2 years later i found  his my space page stating that he was single and he had half naked women with big brest as his friends.There even was a comment to one of them saying that she was so hot.Before i found this my hubby would always say he love me and his children(ages 2,3,6& 9) and that he would never do any thing that would cause him to lose us.CRAP! I asked him about the page and he said he was so sorry and that he get urges to look at **** at times (which he told me that he did not look at ****) when he be at work  and set up the page to see something diffrent.About two weeks later on my birthday this fool got mad at me because i said i did not know if i will ever be able to trust again because hes been lieing to me for 10 yrs. December 28 09 he told some half dressed woman how hot she was and i caint forget he cheated for a while before i found out while we were dating.On my birthday my husband said he was getting a divorce and wasn't coming home.I am a stay at home mom.I walked away from a good job because my hubby wanted me home with our children.I fill if any one should leave it should be me! He came home and i fill i need to make things work for our small children.So I'm with a man i don't want to be with,who say it wont happen again and so on.I heard it all before. My children are important to me and for them I'm with this joke of an husband.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I also been there. Man dont change. Im for an open relationship. Maybe you will find someone not so stupid

Okay well you knew he cheated and you married him under those conditions. Its just like buying a car honey AS IS! that's not fair what you see is what you got. I know its painful but now you knew he was wrong when he cheated I despise a man to cun a women into a big trap when he knows he aint about much. I be the first to say I been there and done that! And girl it is hope but you are going to have to decide give the man altermative he it maybe more difficult to now thought cause he think he got ti going on! He know that you probably want do much because you allow it when you said I do. Its tuff and I wish you well but you are going to have to really be determine which ever way you choose. Determine to stick in there no matter what and pray HARD that God change it for you. Or determine you are not going to take it no matter what and the choice is yours!