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Ive been with this guy for about over a year. When he went to prison recently, I stuck by him and supported him. I visited him in prison and sent him money. We wrote each other letters and he told me that he would change when he comes out and treat me better than before he went in, as I wasn't happy. Now he's out I'm still not happy. He's on BBM and adds random girls on there. He'll be chatting away to a girl and i will just sit there like a ghost! While he's just typing away. I admit I am quite a jealous and insecure female. But still he doesn't make convo with me, just sit and types away to this girl. It really gets me down. And then on top of that he doesn't show me any affection hardly. No hugs. No kisses. No holding hands. I have to ask. Sometimes when I go to kiss him he'll randomly say "errr" as in a joking manor. When I ask for a hug he'll complain that his arm hurts or its too hot for hugs. Something stupid. I confront him and he just acts childish! Copying what I say in a stupid voice and just not being serious. I don't why he does that and its like i cant get through to him. With the BBM he says its my business its a convo between me and her why do you want to know. I say well im your girlfriend! Its not like im searching through his phone, which he put a password lock on recently which is suspicious. I just don't know how to deal with this situation and how to address how i feel...
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Thank you so much for your advice :) defo taking it on board! And I will do x

I had exactly the same with my ex. He'd never show me any affection and always hide his phone. The problem is Hun, he's probably bbming other girls to see how far he can get. And with that sort of behaviour he's likely to just discard you and find someone else. You stuck by him(well done- honestly so many people would never have had the strength) and so he now thinks there is nothing he can do now to scare you away.
Play him at his own game- how would he like it if you we're suddenly glued to your phone?? Try and make plans with friends that don't involved him then be really vague when he asks where you're going. If he really cares he'll fight for you; if not you deserve someone a whole let better. Let us know how you get on :)