I Wanna Go Home

 feel lonely now.There are nobody in this room expect me.I miss my mum who are far away from me .I don't wanna go out,and I don't want to do anything.I can't understand why those people have so many friends,and I always can't be a member of them.This is a raining day .My heart is raining heavily.What should I do?Who can help me?

acryingfish acryingfish
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2009

i would like to help you, but... unfortunately, only you can help yourself. i do feel how u feel. most of the time, i don't wnna go out, cuz when i am outside i feel like everyone else are w/ their friends or loved ones, me? im just myself. i just wanna stay home n be safe. but... at the end of the day, i feel more crappy and i feel like i am more alone since i stayed home all day by myself. <br />
i envy you that at least you still ahve a home to go back to, or wanting to go back to. i am 27, the only home i got is where i live and where i live is ... well... all by myself! sucks isnt it?<br />
everyday i have to force myself to go out and do stuff, everyday i have to make myself to put a smile on my face when iam out n about. i got to .. otherwise, i won't be alive.