Wht To Do ?

i really do love my husband, but i dnt feel the spark , love, the romance... were did it all go? his a different person his not the same man i married, we have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl together, we dnt always fight we try to keep out of each others ways and not tlk to much abt anything tht involves us (our marriage). i feel sometimes like we aren't even married nd or we are just doing it for her, idk i ask my self tht ? all the time... he says his trying (to make our marriage wrk) but all i see is tlk and  no action, it might only last a few weeks before he goes bck to his old ways. wht would u do in my shoes? or wht do u think i should do?
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

life is too short .

u most always feel good about ur self n move on.