What Shoud I Do?

Dont know where shoud I start. My husband & me always fight each other. He pointed that always the fault is mine. Because I am not talking...Yes..I am not. Because he is always make fun of what I am saying. Or if I dont agree with his idea he will get angry & shout. So I used to keep my mouth shutup. We have a loving little girl. She is my only happiness. Everyday he blames, saying that I'm not a normal woman, change your self bla bla bla..He admired other women but not me.I dont have anyone to tell these things. I feel I'm in depression. What shoud I do?
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2012

If he is hitting you you need to get out of there. There is no excuse for hitting a woman except in the case where she has some object she could harm him with like a baseball bat or such. If he is hitting you, you need to leave. He could kill you or break bones or what ever. Go home to your mother or to a friends house, or whatever. He could also harm your children. That kind of behavior is not acceptable.

Sorry to hear, but if he's hitting you in front of your child, then I think that it's your responsibility to your baby that she doesn't grow up thinking that that's how a man is supposed to act. If it were me, I'd send him packing. Physical abuse is never right, especially when there are kids involved.

contd...I'm fed up. Yesterday he hit me infront of my baby. Through out this marriage he has done it many times. I cant divorce him. Because, I feel sorry about my little baby. But I cant live with him. The stupit thing is our marraige is a love affiar. So I knew that he is getting angry very easily. I married him, because I dont want to stop the affair. This is my first love. But his second love. First one left him due to his irritating habit. How stupid I am. I'm helpless.

you really to truly need to GET UR *** OUT OF there & NOW no if &s or buts :( thers no damm sence in a guy hittin a woman :( none what so ever :( esepcially in front of yall child :( call someone go to your phone book .theres place fow woman that are abused in there :) call social service .just leaveeeeeeeeeeee

Definitely see a counsellor - you need to talk to someone else as he is bringing you down - you will probably have to eventually leave him - just up and go - don't fight about it, just vanish.