I would like to begin this by saying i love my husband very much, yes i do! we have been together for 13years.we were not blessed with a child.we adopted one two years ago and we love the little boy so much.i fell in love with my husband 13 years ago, i was holding my business in a building his friend owns and thats where it started. he would spend long hours with me, we talk, laugh etc and i guess that how the feeling grew. my husband neglects me. he doesnt have mistress but he always have something to do, his day is filled with activities and i do not know where i am there. our daily routine, when he opens his eyes, i ask him if he loves me or anything, he responds rudely and tells me he just woke up and he is not yet in his right mind, after that he drinks coffee for long hours and you cant disturb him, he'll be mad.after that he will do something like go to his friend who is our neighbor or do gardening, then he eats and you still cant disturb him. after that he takes a bath and goes to work. since we share the business i sometimes go with him, we talk business and strategies but never about our relationship. he always say i have a bad timing, i never had a good timing, all the time its bad timing.we fight over the same thing over and over again. over the years its like this, now i feel taken for granted. i am 41 and i do not want to spend my life feeling this way
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Where just the same.some of my friends telling me maybe I'm a nagger.but that's not true same ask talking or asking to my husband but his always angry and he always said I'm tired,that's why until now my routine in life is always the same I'm not happy anymore.