One Day Of Satisfaction

What goes around comes around. This goes out to the many wives who have to put up with some crap from there so-called husbands. The day before valentines day and into valentines day I put in 16 hrs at work. We were getting ready for inventory. Apon arriveing at home 3a.m. my husband spent 45 minutes yelling at me about in the 5 yrs you have worked there you never had to work all night, so who were you sleeping with? Not a happy valentines I might say.
Anyhow, today he calls me needs to know wh.ere to fax some papers hes gotta send. I give him the info he needs and then I say, why arent you working, you usually do this when your off. His reply, I'm done for the day, gotta be to work early tomorrow. Ding ding ding, went off in my head, I said really. In the 8 yrs you have been with this company you have never gone in early, who are you sleeping with? Click, he hung up on me. I'm guessing cat got his tongue. And again what goes around comes around.
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Usually when someone accuses you of something its usually because the are doing it and feel gulty.

What goes around comes around...I always think that when my hubby does something to me and I get him back the same way but it always backfires on me and im the bad one for having "revenge" ..but I got to say I do it do he can notice it and stop doing it to me.did your husband stop telling you stuff after that?

Couldn't agfree with you more .... what goes around comes around.