We were friends for a long time, he was my classmate and friend in college. I have seen him in & out of his relationships, he also seen me as well. He couldn't keep a relationship for more than a year. When we graduated in college & preparing to take our licensure exam, we just happened. Just one day, i love him & enjoy his company. I got pregnant & so we got married. He didn't proposed to me. He wasn't as sweet to me like before. Our marriage is okay, just okay. When we go into fight sometimes, he calls me selfish. Maybe I am in some ways, i admit to that. But my side is that i never ask for money, even though it's a really hard life. I never ask for material things. All I ask is that he will be sweet to me, like he was before in all his relationships. He says if we didn't have a daughter, we may have separated. All I ask is that he wakes up early, help me to do some chores. But he always makes up an excuse of everything! He don't do what I ask, not that im demanding. but im asking for are just small things. I'll get mad at him for that but then he would say that im selfish, social climber, not a humble person. I dont really know where he get that. I dont mind if my clothes are cheap, and his are always pricey. It hurts to hear him saying im a social climber. Wherein fact he's not even richer than our family. I dont see myself growing old with him. I always dee myself having family besides him.
mscququmber mscququmber
26-30, F
May 19, 2014