I grew up in a home where I never felt short of love. My dad passed when I was younger so my mom showed my brother and me more love than I can put into words. She taught me that love is not about how happy you can make yourself but how happy you can make those you love. She also said, “No matter what someone else does, that does not change who you are.” This is the Christian value of not treating others wrong when they treat you wrong, showing unconditional love. It is something I have practiced more than I should in my marriage. Recently while in Texas, I left my car with my in laws. They totaled my car while I was away. I had full coverage on one car but not this one. After moving over 15 hours away from home, I had to start over. The first day we moved I had an interview set up. I landed a job within the first few days of being here. Now, the issue of not having a car comes up. He constantly throws in my face how he hates driving me everywhere. So I simply remind him that I don’t know how to drive a stick and your car is way too powerful. If I messed up his precious car I wouldn't hear the end of it. Rewinding, I am the one who researched and got the car for him. It was my credit and part of my income that allowed for us to receive the loan. I did all the leg work. The other night he told me it wasn't his fault I didn't have a car and I shouldn't have left it with his parents (as if I had a choice). Instead of building me up he tears me down. He even told me once that he loved his car more than he loves me. He defended not showing appreciation to those who show they love you. Am I being crazy? I just don’t understand how someone can show their love in that way? Or is it love at all?
Dolor1312 Dolor1312
26-30, F
Jan 26, 2015