40 Day Fasting

My current weight is 150, I am normally around 120 to 130. Since I have packed on a extra 20 pounds I have decided to go on a 40 day fasting. I am not only doing this to lose weight but also to reconnect with god. I have done this before, it takes a lot of disipline but the spirtual part of this is amazing. I feel so good about myself once I am done and I also feel so close to god. It is truly amazing. I have tried other diets, but none of them works like the 40 day fasting. You gain so much from it. I am so happy once I am done, I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to lose weight and wanting to reconnect with god.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

I wish you all the best on your fast and yes...fasting will bring you closer to God. Keep me posted on your progress.

fasting will help you loose weight for awhile that is true. but when you are done there is a good chance of gaining some or all of it back, since you have deprived yourself of food. i would suggest exercising. i know it is a hard thing to get into. i recently started it and feel alot better abt how i look and feel. you need to set logical weight loss goals.<br />
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to just say i'm fat gotta loose so many lbs to get back to the weight i was in my teens, 20's or whatever just isn't realistic. exercise and loosing the weight safely is the way to go. just remember that when you exercise you build muscle, so you might not see the weight come off as much. but you will tone your body in a healthy way. i started using the treadmill last week. i really like it. had to get motivated somehow to loose weight. i just want to flatten my stomach. think the rest looks fine. so maybe focus on 1 area @ a time to work on and loose it slowly, but safely. good luck.