Whose Weight Problem Is It Anyway??

I just think that sometimes the only reason we have our problem with how much we weight is only because someone else has a problem with it..... I am 5 ft tall (or short) and at my highest I've been 170 lbs. I would see myself in the mirror and not think that I looked bad or fat. But of course once somebody starts pointing it out and commenting on YOUR weight things start to change. Suddenly you don't look fine anymore. You start to notice every single detail and imperfection (according to others) on your body. Which I think is so unfair. The worst part for myself is the more I lose for some reason the worst I feel. It may sound crazy to some but I actually felt sexier when I,m at a higher weight. At this moment I'm about 136 lb. but I'm more critical of my body than I have ever been. It's easy to say that we should feel comfortable in our own body type but how can we when others are not letting us........
31-35, F
Sep 9, 2012