Hi all.
Don't really know what to say. I am a young woman and have been overweight since i was a child. Over the last year I havelost almost 8 Stones. But I am still larger than my friends and family. I have signed up here really to get support and help from people who understands a little how it feels to be big. So let me know if u have any advice, any would be appreciated.
AlanaGirl AlanaGirl
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Um i mean about 100lbs. sorry i use english metric scale thingy.
yeah i know, on going battle. i guess im hoping it will get easier but it seems to be getting harder.

For some of us that is a never ending battle-the thing is as long as you keep up the battle the weight will come down.

8 stones--how big are the stones?