I Am Not Happy With The Way I Look

I hear today to share my story. Im 14 years old and i CAN NOT stand the way i look. No matter what i wear i feel fat. I weigh my self everyday and i'm never happy. I wear eye liner, eye shaddow, base, mascara, and anything i can put on to make me hide the way i really look. I have some acne but i get teased about it. Im a cheerleader so i care alot about what people see of me. I have some "good" friends, but all they do is talk about me behind my back. The boy i like calls me ugly and says he can't stand the way i look. I go home and look at my self and cry. I do my hair everyday just to impress everyone else. It must be perfectly straight or i wont leave my house. I do not leave my house unless im wearing impressive Hollister, American Eagle, or Aeropostale clothing with my hair and make up done. When i take a shower i let the water run and just look at my body. I feel around my stomache and occasionaly make my self throw up. My parents have no idea.
My bestfriend is flawless. She has no acne and her mom is a hair dresser so she is always looking great. It makes me mad knowing i can't stand the way i look. I tried to curl my hair hopeing it would make me look better. Well, my bestfriend also curled her hair and she made me want to stay home and not leave my house again. I usually read and try to avoid school because i get teased alot. I need someones advice. Ill be 15 soon and im moving so im want to start over. Ive tried alot of acne meds and nothing seams to help. I hate my self. I throw up when i want whenever. I weigh 115 and im not happy. I feel fat no matter what i eat. I have no boobs as in im sitting at a 34A. Im ina size 0-2 in jeans. I just wanna look like something im not. I hate my self and everything about me.
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Plz txt me I would like to talk to u

From what you describe you do seem very thin you have to learn to be happy with yourself in someway. You definitely don't need to lose weight, just be yourself. Confidence is a beautiful trait. If you are self conscious about your breast size go to aerie and get the drew bra, I wear it all the time and it works wonders lol. I hope things work for you!