My Feelings About Us

what the ****'s going on? i don't know anymore
our love used to be worth it, but now it just makes me sore.
on the way home, we're riding and you can't even hold me,
all the emotion is gone, and your body feels cold to me.
we always say that i love you, but i think it's a lie,
there's too much **** in this relationship so why even try?
it's useless, and there's nothin you can do about it,
you hurt me so much today i just wanna shout it, how you can
not even touch me, and make me feel bad, and then i
can't even kiss you, so then you get mad
there's no point, it's too much to handle with someone,
it gets me to the point that i wish that i had a gun.
i'd take it, and not use the bullets on me or you but
let loose, on the only thing that's keepin this truce
yeah our relationship promise, forever and always?
that's now a bunch of bullshit, my heart's like a hallway
an empty one, where nothin is roamin or going on.
and it's all because of you, it's like you dropped a bomb
and it kills me, i put all my love in one place
then this day comes along, and my heart starts to race.
but i promise you, it's not from sheer joy or excitement for ya
the only thing i wanna do is forget about ya.
there's nothing we can do, no matter how hard we try
it's over, get over it and don't even cry
because it's not really worth it, we had a good run,
but towards the end, we just both got the feeling we're done
you looked at me today like i was some kind of monster,
but as for you, i see you as some kind of imposter.
because you're tellin me all this good stuff and it sounds great,
but as soon as i get close to it you shut the gate, and then i'm,
left out in the cold, so untold, and it's makin me feel old
and rundown, just gotta get out of this town.
it's like i said before, my feelings used to be true, but now
i gotta start all over, and it starts with you.
just get away from my heart, and move out of my life
and believe me when i say that you're no longer my wife.
i've been tryin too hard to try and make this work
but it's been drivin me crazy, and soon i'll go berserk.
but that's ok cuz we're over, i start my life without you,
and i can take a deep breath, because i know we're through.
Flareguy Flareguy
18-21, M
Jul 28, 2010