Ugh Me...

Well the things that I dislike about myself are first my weight. I have not been this big in my entire life. I am 5'3 and 195ish give or take. I have blemishes on my cheeks. I just wish I were small again. I use to weigh 115 but I don't have to get down that small just in a healthy range. I am a single mother of one and I just feel like since having my child that I am not pretty and I won't be able to attract anybody. I've even went to the extent of dating sites and no hope of course. Ugh Me...k
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Having a child takes a lot of your work, and strength. I used to weigh around 135 at 5'3" now I'm down to around 100. It took three years of careful eating, exercise and work! Because you are a single mom its unreasonable to expect you to do that. As your child gets older you may be able to check them into a baby-sitting service for a nominal fee at the local Y. That's one of the things I did.<br />
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Blemishes tend to come and go with stress. When I'm stressed out I look like a teenage kid. My stress levels are lower, now, but you can't always control that. If you can, try to control what's available to eat, so you're no tempted to eat the wrong foods. That will help a lot.