So Done...

So this is my 11th story and I feel as if this writing thing does not help. I have tried to let all emotions flow and try to catch help from people who may have tried to help or that knows the things I'm going through. I wish everything would just disappear. I have non existant life and I am seriously just about to crack. I don't have friends and it's really hard to make some. I try to just be myself but i'm so cut up mentally and so jumbled up its just impossible. I try to suclude myself from people and things around me. I love people... well i use to now, it's just like its so much quietier, peaceful, and drama free without them around. I live in a world where my emotions of anger, sadness, and depression, take over my life and i have no control. Happiness is that thing that only people who have friends, passions, values, and money seem to achieve. This is my senoir year in high school. My last year to have fun and do childish things with out HUGE reprucussions. Next year i will be classified as an adult. I am going to be walking across the stage carrying my diplona in less than 5 months. I just feel I can't do it. If im struggling as a teenager, what the h e ll am I going to do as an adult; when i have bills, husband, children, and other things on my mind. Wits can only get you so far. I am a walking failure. There is no way in hell I am going to find happiness or anything. i have walked with my head high and with a smile on my face and i am not even happy. I never try to show my emotions because I care about what other peoples emotions aree. I care that others are happy. Why can't I be happy?
Teyiah Teyiah
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Hey there :)
i think, the best you can do is to remain n be patience bcs u gotta see how this chapter of your life will end. the wheel of life is spinning, n as for now, u can consider it as the worst chapter. but trust me, every chapter ends. so does this one. this kind of problem will give you more strength to endure the problems you'll encounter when u've become an adult :D
hv faith. this is all going somewhere good.

Yes you are correct but not every story has a happy ending.