No Friends. Happy With It.

I'm age 69. I went 80 miles per hour for fifty years, many Saturdays, many Sunday afternoons, sometimes two jobs. Manager of the year in 1978, again 1979. Got cocky. Since 1980 I have been demoted, fired, hired, rehired. I have lived with 22 year old college grads with a little power waiting to be used. Give kid a little power and they will use it. I lived with it, did my job, collected my salary.
The last teeny VP manager did not like me. She fired me, put me on fee. She got fired for it two months later. All my production went to the company until I got fired. As a fee guy all the production went to me. I won.
I have been insulted, promoted over, ignored but in the end I won. Many of the customers who use us followed me because, well, because I am me.
Many customers used my service because let them **** on me. I lived with it because I have responsibilities, house payments, groceries. Many customers and I just like each other.
In the end I won.
I have 50 years of savings and I have Social Security.
I am tired of making friends. I am tired of people who have opinions about me. I am happy being alone.
I walk, I lost 45 lbs. this year.
My wife spends every dime she can get her hands on. I give her money when it is important. She needs a breast improvement or something like that. I wrote her a check for $1,000. Does she ever say thanks. Nope.
She knows when to leave me alone. Most people do.
Why am I so happy being alone?
Louise worked her whole life and now at age 73 spends her whole time working with recovering drug addicts. I have nothing against her. But she treats me like ****, insults me, ignores me. She is important. I'm not. She knows it. I know it.
It is best that I have my alone time. I worked hard. I save my money.She spends her money.
Now I am lost. My thread is lost. Maybe another scotch?
109876sarah 109876sarah
66-70, M
Dec 10, 2012