Look all around and see things happening to people. not to me.. I am too awkward to even own a personality My social ineptitude brings forth all that i dont deserve. I am not happy. I can't make people around me happy. I don't have healthy relationships with the people around me, even the ones that I'm supposed to. A new stranger to my 'friend' could bring her so much more enjoyable moments of laughter than I could, even after all those years we've known each other. I feel like my relationships with people, those dull conversations me and someone else has, are forced. I don't feel a connection to them. I feel like I'm all on my own. just me. There's a mental block I can't get over, that is not letting me connect to friends and family. This is a hindrance to enjoy every aspect of my life. An internship opportunity that i had. I am sorry that I am not a normal person that we could not form a great relationship, yall were awesome people. I promise if there would have been another one of my peers in that seat, that experience would have been different for you. I was the problem, not you. I don't know what is wrong with me, I can't stand it, and it does not make me happy.

Feelings are very painful. i was unfortunate enough to have feelings for someone.. but this thing of mine stood in the way, and the thought of him makes me very melancholic. very much.

I'm just not happy
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me either 😞