I had a good day at school minus the little bit of homework but it's not enough to really ruin my day when I got out of school I had hoped to see him waiting for me but I understand having no money and no ride so I headed home I got out on my dirt roads and some ******* come flying down the road and I even looked three different times and I didn't see them nor did I hear them coming so I had to slam on my breaks and when I did that it caused the rocks to start dig into my tires and so I have a chunk on rubber and cords hanging off one of my tires I was so pissed so I finally got home and I looked at how bad it was and I check all of my tires to make sure I just needed one tire........nope........I need two cause I have another tire that has cords showing and I only have one spare and that not even a good tire and I got have the money to get new tires so not only do I have that to deal with I also have to take my dad to the hospital cause he hasn't been feeling very good for like a week now

Oh what a wonderful way to end my Friday
SlimsB SlimsB
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2014