So today at school I just was dealing with my head hurting from my wreck and my eye being swollen making it hard to consent rate well after school I went home as usual well today after school had had an appointment to donate blood well I was kinda nervous about it well we went in got the papers filled out and waited my turn well to make sure I didn't chicken out my best friend savannah made me go first so once I signed my name I knew there was no going back well when my name was called I went back the poked my finger and checked that my blood was ok then checked my blood pressure and when I was okayed they got me on the bed and started the process to take my blood I jumped a little bit when they put the needle in my arm I felt fine I got up slowly and my best friend Ramon helped me up he went to put his chair back that he was sitting in cause he was keeping me company to get my mind off of the plastic bag they were filling with my blood well I took a few steps and as I got closer to the table I felt like I had gotten stoned out of my mind I almost couldn't stand on my own I plopped down in a chair they got me a cup of apple juice and asked me if I wanted something to eat I remember telling the woman wait a minute and then I woke up on the floor with my feet on a chair........I PASSED OUT!!!!!! I freaking passed out I was so embarrassed I had all these people around me asking me a million different questions and snapping their fingers in my face finally I heard one question clearly and they asked my birthday I told them 1/6/97 then they all started being all happy and I started asking questions and they wouldn't answer my damn questions and they were ******* me off finally they got my off the floor and on to a bed and I grabbed thin done dudes are he had been the one that got me set up and put the needle in my arm and I asked him my questions first I asked him why happened he told me I passed out then I asked him when I passed out he told me shortly after I got done giving blood finally I asked him if I could leave he told me if I could stand up and walk out with out stumbling so I put my legs over the side of the bed and eased myself off the bed I stood for not even a second and I fell back down on the bed he said well looks like your gonna be here for a little while well isn't that just great news so I had Ramon call Ashton and tell him what was going on since they wouldn't let me talk to him finally I asked the guy who is by this time my favorite person that was working there I asked him if I could call my dad to tell him to come get the car he let me so I called my dad he came and got the car I couldn't leave until I could stand up nd walk on my own so my friends stayed with me and took me home then when I get home I found out I lost my drivers license well it ended up being in my best friends pocket and my brother has to blow up my phone telling me that life is just so horrible so finally I get Ashton to talk to my brother and I talk to Ashton cause he's making me feel better about everything now I am ready for bed
SlimsB SlimsB
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014