New Dreams Begin

The last report is in sort of like the last bullet fired in a battle. It must be but  woe to the target if it falls after peace has been signed into law for the mourners have little cause for their loss to rest on.If I could have,I would have ordered ashes.Fire burns the land but leaves it clean.Out of that black comes a soft sweet shade of green as new life comes up from a safe sleep below.This stinks ,clings and the feet move as if pulled downward and at the end of the day the work ahead is still endless.That last report would have to come but it didn't find me helpless.It found me standing on a hill way above depression.My home has always been in my heart. Those places my Grandparents walked to those places my children played long worn away by time  before the storm took the tree that shaded them.When the last report came in it was that youth has no interest in rebuilding.I will not die here and be laid to rest next to the generations before me.I walked up the hill and bid farewell to those that must stay just as my ancestors did in some Scottish graveyard so that they could go...
holywren holywren
56-60, F
May 15, 2012