Iam Not Here 4 That.

U know what im not here to make people feel sorry for me .I'am not here to make anyone sad . I'm just here to express myself the way my life is now . Mayb my life will get better and i can talk more about good things but until then i just have to  talk about what i know or shud i say how my life is now . Whatever cus as i said im not trying to be sympthy for mrs crazy transgirl... just expressing myself nothing more ... take if for what it is but i do talk about other subjects aswell so noone can hold me to i only say well im down or something cus im not really anything just talking about my feelings ... Most therapist will tell u its good to get things off ur chest and it is but many people will say bad things for no reason at all ... I mean just dont understand if u dont like my writings dont read them ??????????????????????????????????????????i dont get that but yet instead someone has to **** me writing crazy msgs for nothing ??????????????????fin(means the end french)

transgirll transgirll
26-30, T
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

Your therapist should tell you journaling is good for your mind. Continue writing as you feel, it alleviates a lot of stress.