I Am Not Here For A Relationship Or Hookups

I am here to make friends only.I dont have the time for nor do I disire to date anyone.My kids are going to come first no matter what.Please dont ask for my email or cell number unless you are one of the ones from my old  profile then you guys are trusted and can have my email.Anyone else sorry you have a long time to wait before you can have my email I have to trust you and talk to you without feeling you are being creepy.
littleboyblu162010 littleboyblu162010
18-21, M
7 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Same here I just like making friends and writing and reading what others write.I dont read the stuff about what people like sexually I would rather know what is in their heart.

It is nice to see someone that doesn't just use their computer to try to hook Up. I have no desire to hook up or anything close. I just want to see that people have similar experiences. Isn't that what this site is for anyway? I hate seeing all the stuff about what people like sexually.... cause I don't care! Honestly sex isn't that important to me.

My kids follow me everywhere that they can.They dont like to be away from me and neither do I like them to be away from me.Saturday~Hugs~ for you.

Its not that I am worried about myself I just have to protect my daughters and son at all cost.Even if that means hurting peoples feelings.

I love the fact that your standing up for yourself and that your playing smart. You appear to be a wise young man....

Thanks I never put this story up before because noone has ever tried before.Today I got a comment that was alittle concerning so I put this up.

Very good policy, lbb!! Proud to be your friend!!<br />
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