Thru The Years..

I have seen it all, and heard it all over my many years traveling this vast internet highway.
Amazes me how people just 'assume' you are into the whole cyber thing JUST BECAUSE you are on a website ( such as this one) or in a chat room.

Here at EP I find it funny, when people are part of a group ( such as THIS ONE ) and YET....  you get messages, posts, comments etc... perhaps not 'quite asking' for cybersex, BUT...  it's OBVIOUS that is what they are leading up to by the questions they ask, or by the 'intended' viewing their profile. 

I see it as, they must really be 'HARD UP' when they will go to such extremes to get their fix.  To me it's nothing more than a waste of time, on their part... as well as mine.

BUT... its quicker and easier for me to IGNORE or DELETE them,  than the effort and time they put forth in an attempt to  GET OFF.
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