Just Because I Think Of Sex A Lot Doesn't Mean It's With You

Is anyone else tired of the same ol crap? I do not want to listen on the phone while you **********. I will be offended if you tell me I just "have" to ride your **** before I die or I won't know what I'm missing. I'll scream If I hear one more man say my wife isn't interested in sex anymore, or she has no sex drive. Guess what buddy? It's probably that she's not interested in you anymore.
Get this straight: I love my husband more than anyone else on this planet and am very satisfied with him. I get horny a lot, because I think of him a lot. I don't have secrets from him, we share everything and occasionally bring another person home to play with.
No I will not send you naked pictures and I don't want to hear in detail what you want to do to me the first time you contact me.
If this is all you want, please move along.
RawRedhead RawRedhead
41-45, F
4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

When I read stuff like this I want to bale on EP. Sex oriented stories usually get thousands of views, something mundane like visiting a national park will get a view or 2. All the guys seem to be jerks or thought of as jerks. Maybe facebook where it is harder to hide would be a better bet.

Sounds like a rant to me.

My hat is off to you...in respect. You know what is important to you and not afraid to express yourself. And no, the purpose of this comment is not a sly way to get your attention. I am lucky enough to be like you have to have the love of my life. There are so many people that do not have what you have and their only outlet is going "on line" as super stud. Some are truly jerks but some are doing their best to impress because they believe that what a woman wants. Usually a simple "not interested" will do the trick in a tactful way. Making your feelings known in a story is a pretty good filter to attract the kind of contact you really want. Just some thoughts...dc

Good point RawReadhead, more than the unsolicited attention it is the lack of respect for one's peace of mind. We come here to share and be free with like-minded people, not to be assaulted with requests, we have enough of that in real life (not just sexual). <br />
So everyone who needs a clue, respect yourself and act as if you were talking to another human being face to face, with intelligence and with your pants up!