I Hate It When I Join A Group And Get All The Weirdos "fanning" Me

I love heels, so I joined a group called "shoe addict"...and I wrote a story, and all the people who commented on my story made me their fan. Problem is, they all have that mature content warning when you go to check them out. And their interest groups are the most depraved and perverted things I've seen. What makes a person think that I'm her for sex, or that I would want to add them, when I am give no signal that I'm into the weird crap they are?? They swarm to my stories like flies to rotting meat. And I only have 2 stories that are sex related, and one of those clearly states that I do not like said thing happening, I just needed to write about it. I know this isn't a community completely filled with sex fiends, I'm friends with some of the ones that aren't, but geeze!! They should realize, I would seek them out if I wanted to partake in their grotesque kinks, and that since I have not done so, not to try to get me to add them.

Does anyone know if you can remove the people who "fan" your page? I've got 33 perverts...I guess I could just block them all.
MissMyah MissMyah
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

I was being silly, and made the mistake of putting "typing in the nude" as my status. Hahaha! NOT smart! I was instantly flooded with new fans and messages! I don't think you can remove fans except by blocking them, which is a pretty severe action to take. Actually, thinking about it, you might be able to remove fans by adding them as a friend, and then removing them from your circle ... just as hostile as blocking, I guess. I wouldn't worry about it. Think of it as all of your nuts being in one basket.

Oh this is so on my radar as well. Unfortunately it seems the world is filled with flies! It's the ugly side of most great concepts. I, like you enjoy conversations about most topics, and have opinions on many. And I hate that (sorry boys) mostly men are living up to their testosterone levels. I put it out there, just who I am and what I am doing here. Yet they come, they friend you and then you are stuck with them as fans, unless you block them. The only ones I will typically block are those that I see who have the "ick" factor (we know what that is). The rest I ignore as they might be getting something, (hopefully not off) from my posts.