Just Stay Away Buddy...

yeah, um, i don't do that.  kay?  just think it is kind of creepy and sleazy.  i know some people get into that but, well, no.  not me.  i don't think so. 

besides, i see it as the equivalent of having a blow-up doll or something.  i have a real life love machine, aka my fiance (he's a cutie, too, so back off!).  why would i want something else.  ew.  yuck.  be gone.  go now.  really just go.  seriously.  go away. 

find someone else.  not me.  nothing wrong with it.  really.  just not me.  where is my baseball bat?  leave already.  it's a louisville slugger.  go!  a lethal weapon.  take a hint... 

too bad my dogs and goldfish won't attack creepy cyber trolls. 

merisszzilla merisszzilla
36-40, F
Feb 15, 2009