No Cyber-sex Please

I have no interest in having cyber-sex with anyone, even my husband .Phone sex is much better but only with him!

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Hope it stays that way don't deserve to get harrassed like that!!! ....nobody does!!...usually by blocking them it stops...but with my first account I had on here, there was one that wouldn't quit....and kept changing profiles to get to I just cancelled that account and started over....didn't have any problems since then....<br />
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Very nice & thoughtful Sweethart to have form a support group for these poor people....there really are some wackos out there!!

Some sure can't!...and don't understand the meaning of "NO..NOT INTERESTED"....didn't think I'd have to block anyone either....but unfortunetly when this happens...I do block...simply don't need this..

Some people seems to think that because we have "sex" means we want cyber-sex with them!lol...nah....want "sex" in our lives..with someone we love...NOT just with anyone on here!...but they can think whatever they want, as long as they don't bother me!