I do like the idea of this site.  The fact that your cloaked over the net, that really allows you to express yourself and there is a large community that you can share with and learn from.  Its a really good idea. We can all talk and excange experiences lol.   Its really cool...but..How wierd would it be to use this site to try and get a mate or something? lol  No,  i dont have a girlfriend but i do have girls that will give me what i need when i need it and it goes both ways...Got 2 now and they are both kind hearted.  Both are pretty, thin, and have dark hair..thats my tyoe..they expect nothing from me..which may seem bad but idk..thats just how it is i guess.Being young (21) i think it would be foolish to get a girl friend period.  I mean i havent even met or seen so many girls and everyday on campus or in publix or somewhere else i see a girl that i just have to talk to that i gotta get to know.  Its fun, exciting and usually i say the right getting better with practice lol.  On the net, how could you charm a girl?  How could i make her laugh, come off as being mysterious, and she wouldnt see my face, my smile and body.  It would be too difficult, unrealistic.

brian07891 brian07891
22-25, M
May 18, 2010