This Year Is Better!

I live away from my partner right now, and fr the passed few years- Ever since middle school actually- People have always hit on me! Often it was confusing or hurtful, actually, Because I thought people wanted to be friends

Often though- In my younger days (with others) It would get me into bad situations!! Or just be awkward because after a while I hadn't said I was seeing someone, than too much time passes, and it's hard to bring it up

THIS year I talk about my significant other ALL the time! And the only people I really hang out with are female (Hooray!! That makes it easy) Or men in as committed relationships as I am

And it is much easier. I was making dinner fr myself tonight, and I realized I hadn't felt hit on in a while. I am so glad!! It is great to know that my identity is so tied to my partner! And people don't hit on my anymore~ *knock on wood*

But- If it does happen again- I think I have enough experience to know how to stop it

theFROZENmango theFROZENmango
Nov 4, 2011