In Good Company

After a couple of months of vacation from EP, I returned to find a very prominent ad on EP several times for  It isn't the picture above; I just offer that for illustrative purposes and to catch the attention of anyone happening across this EP story.  It does seem to work.

I know that EP supporters don't see the ad, but I am admittedly cheap and hesitant to pay for any online service.  Anyway, this particular ad has the headline in bold letters "Jesus Christ is Lord" over a picture of a very attractive blonde woman in her 20s wearing fairly tight clothing and with her hands on her hips.  All other text, including that the service is is much less prominent.  So, this caught my eye, and, although I'm not here for dating, I was curious.

It turned out that I was an acceptable prospect, but was slightly uncomfortable with my polite insistence on being accompanied by my Legion of the Undead on any encounters and to any Mingle events.  Where I go, they go.  Yes, I feel a bit rejected, and this is perhaps one reason I am skeptical about subscribing to online services. 

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4 Responses Nov 19, 2011

Shhhh. I mean, we are just trying to get our business off the ground here. It is hard enough for Wiccans and the Undead to find dates these days. And it's not really like paying for a date--you are paying the service (us) to facilitate the meeting. It's not the same thing, but if it is in your mind and in the minds of others, then I would much rather be thought of as a mystical, somewhat ephemeral date processor rather than a moon dancing ghost chasing pimp.

Personally, I would never and have never paid for a date. I think any site that requires money for "dating" simply is legalized prostitution. I will go as far as saying this as well....I prefer to meet men the good old fashiopn way -- by happen stance and unexpectedly. Or better yet, be introduced IN PERSON by a real friend. Internet dating to me takes away so much. I can't stand it and all my friends that have signed up for a "dating site"-- when they tell me the horror stories, well let's just say they get ZERO sympathy. I realize there are some good ending stories....far and few in between.

If that was the case, knowing my friends...they would have had a grand ol' time and been more than accommodating to the extra company. Not much shocks my crowd,

you're not here for dating? but if I'd be given a chance, I wanna have a date with you Oscar. Could you give this poor girl a glance. I am not cheap so am picking on you. I like convincing people, could I ever convince you? is there a fat chance? :) Lol

you are so funny. i have seen how much you have grown here. From being serious to being light- hearted. I am happy that EP has done something good for you. We will meet, someday, somewhere. Never say never.

Well, I never go anywhere without my Wiccan Sisters, so I had a problem too, although the ads I saw (I'm cheap also) all had women--no men, so in my case it was lesbian christian singles. <br />
Doh!<br />
My drum circling friends and I were not interested after all.<br />
We need studs for the lunar ceremony. Perhaps we could combine our respective groups and have our own party, or better yet, start our own dating service. <br />

Oh, my girls and I know how to rock the cloaks and with a little flame lighting, some mystical cleavage--the only problem is the undead don't photograph well. That might be a problem.