I Have Better Stuff To Do On Ep!

I don't know how you guys get it this way??!!!  I don’t know why many people on EP think that I’m here for that stuff!!! From where you got that? I'm not here to date and I think this is so obvious from my attitude in here, I'm not posting all the time in any sex groups etc  yet  I find some really weird confusing messages, and mostly "dirty" messages, and sometimes weird requests on my white board like hey you wanna ********** on Skype?? Like I would possibly say yes!! HOW STUPID!!!! Not that I'm giving you any ideas but really if you wanna get a girl to do that for you then making a suggestion on her white board isn't really the  right way, you gotta have the decency to trick her first, you see my point?

Seriously I'm not replying to any such stupid messages and leave me the hell alone, why you always have to ruin anything, a girl cannot go online to participate like any normal human being without being disturbed by some stupid guy who thinks himself smart?

Also, if I find and add request from someone who doesn't have anything in his profile but sex groups and nude pictures then I'M NOT ACCEPTING the request so do not bother to add!

JUST GO AWAY! I have better things to do on EP than dating some idiot!
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Dec 1, 2011