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Please Stop Asking Me To Join.......

I never came here looking to hook up with anyone. I enjoy reading stories, leaving comments, finding friends, etc.
Please do not write me asking or suggesting that I join a dating site because I may say I am lonely at some time in my life.
Even if you have good intentions, please don't think I want anything to do with finding a partner online. Not my thing.
honeysuckle23 honeysuckle23 51-55, F 2 Responses Jan 12, 2012

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I think online dating is for desperate ppl. Ans yes, it is scary! Way too many creeps out there! I'm just here to read stories, make friends, maybe chat and find acceptance and advice.

same here, I didn't come here looking for someone to hook up with.

Im completely the same only want to be on here for the same reason s you have meationed . take care mishy40

thanks, best wishes to you:)