I Have Never Really Dated And I Am Not Starting Here...lol.

I can see why any social media site would/could become a "dating" site but that is NOT what interests me in spending time here at EP. I have actually NOT dated in my life. I went "out" on a few dates in high school but after meeting my First Love, I rebounded into my first husband's arms, divorced him and then met my second husband and before divorcing him, I reunited with my First Love. In other words, I NEVER LOOKED for a date. They found me.

I am here to connect/network with other writers and thinkers mainly. I love creative, productive and intelligent people so the ones in my Circle are ones that I have found who have special characteristics and qualities that I value in friends and in myself. This is a great site to learn MORE about ourselves; I am NOT here for dating. Period.
Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
46-50, F
Mar 15, 2012