Medcating With The Oposite Sex

I am here to talk and read about my illness, people here can really be suffering, I'm here for them. Why would antone come here to find someone, However if your single and it just happens cool. But; to me if you have to hide you face our cant show a piture im out. The only time I ever hid I was up to somthing. If I look at your site and see it geared twords somone looking for sex our a boy friend our the guys dieing inside I look at his site aand its all about sex. ????????
wildartslinger wildartslinger
46-50, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

The original intention of EP was to find support from people who have had or are going through the same experiences. Hopefully you will find the support here that you are looking for. Hugs.

i must be verry carful like hunting rabbits. i weed out the bad guys