The Hell I'm Not!

I may seen like a new member but the reality is that I have been a member of this site all the way back to 2008, and I know all the secrets, tricks, and details of EP and how people act here. First of all, I have already been involved romantically with someone here and almost end up seeing each other but everything went to hell and he choose to go for someone else also from this site. *rolls eyes*

I guess I shouldn't be surprised but it hurt a lot when guys do that.  A lot of you are picking for young girls with problems and their stories reflecting those problems, then you have an opportunity to act like a hero by posting your best shining advice and possibly earn points with that person, I have seen this so many times it's not even funny anymore.

Lots of you are also pretending, or just putting your best side up while hiding the bad stories away for the anonymous confessions session where no one knows who left it there. You have no pictures of yourself in your profile,  but feel in your damn right to post and look at every pretty girl's pictures like a slobbering dog in heat, you disgust me!

Your stories look very impersonal, always talking about something but yourself , that way you trick people with 600 stories, yet few of them are truly about you, I don't believe you, won't fall for it.

I can tell who is being real and who isn't just by scanning their first 10 stories, that tells a lot of how they are building their bases to get to the top, a master manipulator's dream and scheme!

I don't care what anyone  says,  Dating wasn't meant for the internet world. If you are not here with me after I turn off the pc, YOU ARE NOT REAL, If you have no clue what happens to me after I log off, you don't deserve to know the good stories either.

If all you have to do to be with me is sit in your lazy b  u   t  t and type a few words away, you don't deserve to walk not oven one mile with me in real life!

If you think I will be subjected to "waiting times" and "severely long journeys" in strange airline airplanes just to see someone that could also exist in my own city and be equally awesome and good and respectable, this baby passport is staying home.

It's time for women to open their eyes, recover your dignity, see your value and don't give it to dogs to shred it to pieces!!! Seriously  im beyond baffled  to see what have become of women today, so sad, so fragile and unexpectedly obscene, WAKE UP!

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May 21, 2012