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Its been an uphill and downhill wave of emotions these past few months. My heart ache had brought me down to my knees. I was questioning myself alot. I hated myself. I looked for answers on the internet, books, and friends. My mind was going at 100mph. I could not think clearly. With all this, i must say.... I did learn to sit still and be patient. Ive never had patience before. I treated God like he was a vending machine. I wanted answers right away. In all of this I am grateful for learning to sit back and wait. Be patient. Take the time to look at yourself, wait for God's answer, reflect on your life, make changes if you have to (that usually helps). I was soo motivated for like a split second on how I was going to change my life and so forth. But Im going to take my time. I am not here to please anybody but myself. Little by little im learning to like me, even with my not so perfect self.
untroubledheart untroubledheart 41-45, F 1 Response May 23, 2012

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Sounds wonderful....good luck to wishes for happiness....