The Door Is Neither Open Nor Shut-it's Not Why I'm Here But I'm Not Closed To It.

I was relucant to join this group.... 
Because quite frankly I am not SHUT to the idea. You see EP WAS and always will be a way to meet women to me and in that regard if someone is interesting enough I will always consider it.

But there is another aspect to it that is this: I did not come here expressly to find a girlfriend. I came here for an outlet to express myself, now if you jive with me, you're single and you're open to my current relationship configuration then I'm not exactly totally opposed.

I am very deeply in love with someone. The kind you don't ever stop feeling. She is not around very much, I can only speculate how she feels in turn but I do know we have had intimidate encounters and are pretty much locked into a romantic entanglement but she will NOT comitt to me  because I am not local but was at one time. MY life right now is about preparing for college so that I can go back to school so I can support this woman. I am open to change at this point. I Am too attached, need too much closeness and seeing someone once every 2 weeks or more is too hard. .  If you can jive with that....I like you and we get along, then great, you're set. but it's important to remember that I did not come here EXCLUSIVELY for dating and if I add your profile I might be interested in you but it's not "just to see pics" because I’m not here just to get laid or find a date-I want a partner, and in that regard I'm not going to change my resonant energy frequency by "Chasing after" girls and behaving like a pickup artist. You either like me, or you don't. You'll have to accept me as I already am. If I think you’re interesting in that way it’s likely because of who you are and not how you look, and again I'm not going to hold my breath for you. I Will just let what happens happens and dance to the rhythm of my own heart. I came to EP because i had GIVEN UP and needed to find people that liked me the way I already am and I needed to expose and show off my own personal depth and objection to the social context I had experienced. I came mostly criticizing behaviors I had experienced numerous times looking hunting for people who agreed with me and eventually it swelled....

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
May 28, 2012