I Love My Husband

My husband is a good man. He cares about me, loves me, and cherishes our marriage. He's my best friend.

We have had several tragedies in our lives. Four family members died within a few months of one another. Three died in a tragic accident, and one finally succumbed to cancer. We went through immense grief, but we learned how to cope together. Then we had to endure infertility. (We have now been married for fourteen years and never had a child.) We could never afford getting an exact diagnosis as to why, or pay for IVF or even adoption. We lived through it, and decided to enjoy being a family of two (four if you count our pets - which we do). One of our family members became homeless due to drug addiction. We sometimes fought over what was the right thing to do, but in the end we stood as a united front and decided not to enable the addict.

No one is going to come between us. Why in the world would I want to date someone else or have some online affair when I have such a strong marriage? Who in their right mind would destroy the trust they have with their spouse in this way? If there is one thing I have learned, it is to turn toward my spouse in good times and bad, and talk about my feelings, not go outside the marriage for what I need.

I am not on this site for dating. I am on this site because I love answering questions (both silly and serious), reading stories and the experiences of others, and have an interest in societies and the human mind.
Pixelee Pixelee
36-40, F
Jun 13, 2012