I've been wary about dating someone online. I mean, they could tell you whatever they want and put up pictures that may not even be of them, but it could all just be a ruse! They could be serial killers looking for a new victim. I mean, some days that does sound promising, but most days that makes me think, "No thank you!"

I trust that people are who they say they are here, and I enjoy interacting with them. But meeting someone here who wants to go on a date.....I don't know, the red flags start going up.

I would like to meet someone in person rather than online anyway. O.O
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

I tend to agree with you. At the same time, you can get to know more of the real person if they post a lot. An anonymous site allows people to disclose their secrets, something you don't get in person or on dating sites. Not saying it's a good place for dating, just not saying "No Way" either.

You do make a very valid point.